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Terms of use

The website is provided, as it stands, by the company PANTELIS KATELARIS & CO LIMITED which trades under the name PERGAMOS based in Nicosia (hereinafter PERGAMOS), under the terms and conditions set forth in this notice. Access and use of the website automatically indicates your unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as any future modifications thereto.

  1. Intellectual Property (IP)
    The content and information provided by the Website, including design, badges, logos, graphics, texts, documents, photographs, databases and in general any distinctive features are an intellectual property of PERGAMOS and are protected by the relevant provisions of Cypriot and Community legislation as well as international conventions. On the contrary, books, magazines, calendars and other products offered for sale are the intellectual property of the publishers, legal and/or natural persons who are referred to as the beneficiaries of the relevant rights.
  1. Reproduction of the content
    No part of this site may be reproduced, republished, placed, distributed or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission and /or consent of PERGAMOS. On the other hand, individual copying and printing of a single copy, part of the content for personal and not public or commercial use is permitted, provided that the intellectual property rights of PERGAMOS are not affected.
  1. Visit and use of the website
    Every user has the opportunity to freely visit the website. The visitor/user declares and guarantees that he/she will use the website in accordance with these terms, the applicable rules and provisions of national, European Community and international law and ethics. The visitor/user is responsible for the restoration of any damage caused to PERGAMOS or any third party, by improper and/or misuse of the services or pages or any part of this website as well as publishing and transmiting any information, text, software or file.
    In case that the visitor/user does not agree or does not understand these terms of use, in whole or partially, he/she must not visit and/or use this website.
  1. Right of Amendment
    PERGAMOS reserves the right to terminate, suspend, modify or change, at any time and without notice, the services and information offered on this website. PERGAMOS also reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time.
  1. Disclaimer
    PERGAMOS is not responsible for any damage caused to the visitor/user by accessing and using the content and IT services and/or services offered on this website. PERGAMOS makes every effort to provide and ensure a high level of information and services through its website, but is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the information provided on this website.
    Also, PERGAMOS is not responsible for any redefinition of the selling price of the offered products, by their manufacturers, as well as for any graphic or numerical errors in the prices or other elements of the products.

    PERGAMOS takes all necessary measures for the proper operation of this website, but in no case guarantees that the content, websites and/or links, technical facilities and features of the website will be provided uninterruptedly and without problems, nor that the website or / and the servers (“servers”) through which he connects, to the computer of the visitors / users, will be provided without harmful applications which were installed without its knowledge.

    PERGAMOS is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by the non-fulfillment of its contractual obligations, which is due to events of force majeure or outside its control (such as, inability to provide / network failures, weather conditions, strikes, etc.).

  1. Referral links with other websites
    The website may include referral links, hyperlinks, advertising banners to other websites over which PERGAMOS does not have any control and is not linked in any way. PERGAMOS does not bear any responsibility regarding the content, the privacy policy, the quality, the security, the legality and the accuracy of the data, information or services of other websites and / or pages to which it may refer through links of any kind.

    For any damage caused to the visitor / user from its use and access to the aforementioned websites and / or pages, the sole responsibility relies within the persons who operate or use the relevant websites. Advertisers are solely responsible for the content, legality and validity of the content on the website.

  1. Submission of personal data
    The user who registers on the website is obliged to submit personal information which is accurate and true.

    During the registration the user is invited to submit the data: a) Name of Natural person / Legal Entity, b) Address / Headquarters, c) Postal Code, d) Telephone Number, e) e-mail.

    In case the customer requests the issuance of an invoice, he/she must state profession, ID number and Tax Registration Number.

    PERGAMOS reserves the right to delete a user account if it is found that the information he/she submitted is false or misleading, or if he/she has not logged in his/hers account for the last 9 months, or has never made a transaction, or uses his/hers account abusively or attempts to hack or alter the website and/or its nature.

  1. Processing & Protection of Personal Data
    The User accepts and agrees that in order to enter into a sales contract with PERGAMOS through the e-shop, he/she is obliged to create a user profile, i.e. a “customer card” where he/she is required to enter all necessary information for the purposes of concluding and executing sales contracts and transactions with PERGAMOS.

    The User undertakes the obligation to declare to PERGAMOS a true e-mail and shipping address, while acknowledging that any false declaration makes it impossible for any of the sales contracts to be executed and furthermore PERGAMOS subjects the right to seek compensation from any claimant based on any loss or damage caused to PERGAMOS due to the Users’ behavior.

    The User is solely responsible for keeping the password in the user profile that he/she will create. The process is automated and the User acknowledges that PERGAMOS can not intervene in the login process to enter the e-shop, nor can PERGAMOS know the password – username the User has chosen.

    PERGAMOS has in its possession the personal data entered by the User in the customer card (name, home address, Shipping address, e-mail address, telephones, and therefore becomes the Data Controller within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).

    Each use or processing of personal data concerning the Buyers and their electronic imprint and/or trace in the e-shop, which is made by PERGAMOS, is done exclusively and in accordance with the GDPR.

    The User – Subject of the data, may, at any time, exercise the rights provided in the above mentioned Regulation, mainly in articles 12 to 23 thereof and in particular:
    (a) the right to be informed and have access to his/hers data that are processed by PERGAMOS
    (b) the right to restrict the processing of data
    (c) the right to amend and delete part or all of his/hers personal data, and
    (d) the right to object, i.e. to raise objections to the processing of his/hers personal data.

    It should be noted that the exercise of some of the above rights may cause inability to conclude or complete the execution of the contract with PERGAMOS. The above data will be processed by PERGAMOS mainly until the execution of the contract is completed and furthermore some basic information will be kept and/or saved in order to prove the legality of the processing by PERGAMOS.

    The User has the sole and absolute control of this information and can at any time modify and/or amend and/or delete it from his/hers account – after communication, where required – without the consent of PERGAMOS. But in any case, for the execution of an order the Software of the e-shop will still require some data for identification purposes.

    If the User wishes to delete all of his/her personal data, the User may contact PERGAMOS via e-mail and exercise his/her “Right of Oblivion” regarding the electronic fingerprint and/or trace of his/her account and the data that he/she has submitted during registration and interaction with the e-shop that was stored on the servers of PERGAMOS. PERGAMOS will delete all this data within a reasonable time and further remove and/or delete the Users’ account. The User is entitled at any time to re-register with a new account.

    In order to exercise the abovementioned Right of Oblivion and in general to raise objections to the Users’ processing of personal data, according to the GDPR, the he/she can contact PERGAMOS, on working days from Monday to Friday at 09:00 to 17:00 at the telephone number 22 552500, or alternatively send an e-mail to info@pergamos.com.cy with subject «Objections to the Processing of Personal Data – GDPR». If, however, he/she still considers that his/her data has been used illegally, he/she has the right to appeal to the competent Authority (Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection www.dataprotection.gov.cy).

    Especially in regard to the communication of PERGAMOS with the Buyers and in order to inform the latter about the Products that PERGAMOS has in its inventory, PERGAMOS is entitled to send newsletters to the Buyers who have given explicitly their written consent. Also, the same users who initially had given their written consent can easily, at any time, unsubscribe (opt-out) without any cost or charges.

    PERGAMOS will constantly inform the User about the exercise of his/her rights.

    The above rights are subject to restrictions when in conflict with the current legislation and other applicable provisions of the Law (e.g. retention of Users’ transactions data for tax purposes, for financial transparency of PERGAMOS and/or for maintenance of proof of consent etc).

    The User agrees and accepts that PERGAMOS may collect non-personal data in regard to which products he/she buys or browses most often and how many times he/she visits the e-shop or shares the e-shops’ hyperlinks on social networks.

    The User accepts and aknowledges that the e-shop stores and saves in its temporary memory/cache text files «cookies» related to the navigation -browsing of the website and in order for the Users’ account to be fully functional.

    The User accepts the installation of these files in the storage space of the device – computer that he/she uses to navigate the e-shop.

    In case the User sets his/her devices’ settings to exclude the storage of these files in his/her system then its possible that he/she will not be able to conclude any transactions/purchases with PERGAMOS through the e-shop.

    PERGAMOS in compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) will make any necessary updates of this policy in order to adapt and adjust to the new regulatory framework and amendments or interpretative circulars.

    The User – Data Subject is entitled to submit questions and complaints regarding the processing of his personal data by PERGAMOS, to the competent Supervisory Authority (Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection www.dataprotection.gov.cy).

  1. Providing data to courier companies
    In order for PERGAMOS to execute and/or fulfil its contractual obligations i.e. in order to deliver the Users’ order, it is mandatory to provide to an authorised third party the Users’ minimum necessary personal data.

    These data include the name, surname, address (City – Area, number / street) and contact telephone number of the recipient – User.

    In case of refusal of the user’s consent for the above delivery, PERGAMOS will not be able to fulfil the execution of the order and shall not have any further responsibility.

    In the event that the User does not wish for his personal data to become known to the authorised third party mentioned above, then he/she must physically visit any PERGAMOS retail store (after informing PERGAMOS) in order to personally pick up his/her order.

    If the User wishes to know the name of the authorised third party (name of company) which will carry out the order i.e. to deliver the products at the Users’ shipping address, then PERGAMOS shall provide it accordingly.

  1. Third Party Orders – Gifts
    In case that the recipient is other from the User or from the billing entity (if he/she is a natural person), the User declares responsibly to PERGAMOS that he/she has the explicit consent of that third natural person, regarding the submission and registration of all necessary personal data in order to execute and/or conclude the order, especially the invoicing in favour of that third party and/or the delivery of the order to its name and address (by also providing the telephone number).

    In the unfortunate case where PERGAMOS is sued in any way for the processing of personal data of third parties during the abovementioned procedure, the User who previously responsibly stated to PERGAMOS that he/she had the explicit consent of the third party, has the position of a Third Party (Order 10 of Civil Procedure Rules) towards PERGAMOS and he/she will be responsible to cover any damage that PERGAMOS will endure due to such unauthorized use of the personal data of the third party, plus legal expenses plus any other claim that PERGAMOS could possibly have against the User, including general damages.

  1. Terms of sales
    All transactions made through this website are governed by the special terms of sale, as detailed below, which are an integral part of these terms of use as well as the provisions of Cypriot, European Community and International Sales Law regarding remote sales. It is clarified that the User has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale within 14 calendar days from the receival date and return the products provided that the latter will be kept in their original packaging and will be returned in excellent condition and intact. The shipping cost for the return of goods will be covered by the User. Food and decorative items are excluded from the previously mentioned right of return. It is further clarified that for any returns there will be no refund in cash and the customer will have to choose other products of equal value. It is understood that for higher value products the extra amount will have to be covered/paid. To exercise the right of withdrawal, an email is required to be sent to the email address of PERGAMOS (eshop@pergamos.com.cy).
    Download Εντυπο Υπαναχώρησης 

    The e-shop provides the following information about the products of PERGAMOS that is necessary to conduct transactions with customers:
    (a) the main characteristics of each product, and
    (b) the total price of each product, including VAT (unless the user is a merchant) and any other fees or charges (such as shipping costs).

    Payment for each order will be made by credit / debit card. Upon completion of the order, the customer will receive an e-mail with a list of the ordered products and other relevant information regarding his/her order (“Order Confirmation”).

    The minimum amount for each order must be €20.

    Shipping costs per order, for destinations in Cyprus, amount to:

  • Home delivery: €4.50

    For orders over €80 there will not be any delivery costs for destinations within Cyprus. For orders abroad, the customer must contact PERGAMOS first.

    Orders will be delivered to the customers through Geniki Taxydromiki. Orders will be sent within 8 working days from the date of payment.

    PERGAMOS reserves the right to change, whenever it wishes and without prior notice, the prices of its products and/or the delivery costs and at the same time the price lists and the Terms of Use of the e-shop will be updated. Unless the change is due to an increase/decrease in the VAT rate, all other changes will not affect any orders that have already been paid for by the customer.

    PERGAMOS shall cancel, automatically and without prior notice, any order that has not been paid for by the customer within twenty four (24) hours.

    After the Order Confirmation and in case a specific product is temporarily out of stock, PERGAMOS shall inform the customer accordingly. The customer shall have the option either to receive the specific product when it becomes available again or to cancel the order and receive a full refund. The customer could alternatively buy another similar product.

    Offers are valid until stocks lasts.

    Any differences in color of the product photos could be due to the lighting of the photo and/or the settings and specifications of the Users’ monitor.

  1. Minors
    The use of the pages and services of the present e-shop to a user / visitor who is a minor is only possible with parental or guardian consent.
  1. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction
    These terms are interpreted in accordance with the Cypriot law. The Courts of Nicosia are exclusively competent to resolve any dispute that may arise during the interpretation-application of these terms of use as well as from the conduct of electronic transactions, through this e-shop.
  1. Communication
    In case the visitor / user has any questions or needs any help in relation to the use of this e-shop, please contact the competent department of PERGAMOS before proceeding with the submission of an order.
  1. Last Update
    Terms of use may be modified from time to time when necessary. The last update took place on 18/01/2021. The users of the website are kindly requested to refer to them regularly, in order to be informed about any changes or any adjustments to new provisions of the Law.